Renate Suvegh

Midwife, Advisor

I am Renate and I work in Zurich, Switzerland, in outpatient postpartum care with parents and babies at home. I first trained as a paediatric nurse. After working in various departments, including the maternity ward and in the delivery room, I decided to train as a midwife. After completing the training, I worked in the delivery rooms of various hospitals. Eventually I left the hospital and accompanied women at home births. I continued my education in various fields and obtained a degree in classical homeopathy. Now I have been self-employed for over 30 years and still happy being able to accompany parents with their babies on their way to becoming a "family".

Through one of my mothers I became aware of the Lola&Lykke breast pump and I am now looking forward to having the pump tested by my mothers and supporting the Lola&Lykke women's team.



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