Maternity expert Johanna Kjelseth

Johanna Kjelseth

Maternity Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher

Hi, my name is Johanna Kjelseth and I'm a maternity and musculoskeletal physiotherapist. My passion is to help pregnant and post-natal women to stay active, well educated and empowered throughout the wonderful journey of motherhood.

I have worked and widened my knowledge and skills as a physiotherapist in many different countries; Norway, Singapore, Spain and Indonesia. Every country has had something new to teach me and I have developed valuable skills in treating pathologies such as back & neck pain, sport injuries, muscle & tendon pain and post-surgery. I believe in a holistic approach and incorporate physiotherapy techniques, functional exercise, and education without forgetting the person behind the injury. My love for yoga has flown me several times to India, where I´ve studied yoga and yoga therapy.

Women's health physiotherapy has been my passion for the latest years and I have completed further training to help me assess and treat common conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal diastasis and urogynaecological issues. As a mom, as well as a professional, I know the importance of being strong and pain-free pre- and postnatal and I enjoy helping other moms combat whatever issue that may be affecting their lives. My goal is to educate women and teach them how to stay active so that they can enjoy motherhood without suffering from preventable problems. However, I also believe that it is never too late to address these issues that women too often suffer from in silence. The biggest reward for me is to give women back the confidence in their bodies and allow them to return to full function.

When not working you will most likely find me on my yoga mat, out in the nature or spending some time running and playing in the park with my son!