pregnant mum wearing support belt collection of mothers wearing pregnancy support belt

Say goodbye to pregnancy pains

Enjoy all-day comfort with Lola&Lykke® Pregnancy Support Belt

Why use a pregnancy support belt?

mum  wearing pregnancy support belt

Lift the weight off your belly

High-level support to relieve pressure on your back, pelvis, bladder, and spine whilst stabilising your core muscles.

two pregnant mother wearing support belt

Stay active for longer

Help you maintain good posture and effectively relieve pregnancy pains such as back pain, SI joint pain, or round ligament pain.

pregnant mum wearing support belt

Back pain relief

A hot/cold therapy pack in the back pocket offers added comfort and relieves discomfort in your lower back.

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High-level back, hip and abdominal support

Stay active for longer

Ultra-soft bamboo viscose

Perfect fit adjusts to your body's natural movement

Designed by Finnish physiotherapists

Hot/cold therapy pack included

How it works

Three benefits of wearing a pregnancy support belt benefits of wearing a pregnancy support belt

We are a Conscious Brand

We produce high-quality, long lasting, 100% recyclable products

Parenting Brand of the Year

Voted as the best parenting brand of 2023

Recommended by Experts

Our medical grade bands are recommended by maternity experts

Design Excellence

Design from Finland - mark as evidence of Fininsh design excellence