Say goodbye to Pregnancy Pains

We developed our Pregnancy Support Band to provide all day comfort and immediate relief for mums experiencing discomfort during pregnancy.

What happens to your Core during Pregnancy?

The main function of our abdominal muscles is to provide support for the lumbar spine and stabilize the joints out of the pelvis. Put a baby in the middle and that's when things can go slightly out of balance. A growing baby belly means your anterior muscles (those at the front) stretch and your pelvis begins to tip forward- altering your ability to stabilize this region.

During pregnancy your body is flooded with the hormone, Relaxin, which allows your muscles to become much more compliant to lengthening and stretching. Sometimes the abdominal muscles become increasingly elongated during pregnancy which can lead to a lack of core stability. This can cause a few challenges in the later stages of pregnancy, especially around the time when there's a baby sitting on your pelvis and you need core control more than ever.

Your baby bump grows at a gradual rate that your body is equipped to deal with, but sometimes your core needs some extra support during pregnancy.

Feel the instant relief with our Pregnancy Support Band

Give your baby belly some backup with our dual-layer abdominal support belt so that you can feel your best throughout Pregnancy. The Lola &Lykke® Pregnancy support belt offers mums the best possible support during pregnancy.

Stay on your feet for longer during pregnancy

Our support belt helps you maintain good posture, effectively relieving pregnancy aches and pains such as back pain, SI joint pain or round ligament pain - so that you can stay on your feet for longer.

High-level back, hip and abdominal support

Stay active for longer

Ultra-soft bamboo viscose

Perfect fit adjusts to your body's natural movement

Designed by Finnish physiotherapists