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3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Pregnancy Support Band During a Workout

The idea of keeping fit during your pregnancy can sound exhausting right?

We get it. The sofa always looks inviting! But it’s been proven that light exercise can be a great remedy for aches and pains during your pregnancy.

It’s more important than ever to keep active and support your body throughout all the changes it’s going through. So there’s never been a better time to invest in a pregnancy belly support band for exercise.

And here’s why…

Maternity Workout Bands Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain

I know, it’s music to our ears too!

The pregnancy exercise belt sits around your waist and fastens around your abdomen. It’s there to support your core muscles and reduce overall stress on the body. The stability given to your bump may also prevent pre-term contractions.

Women who have worn the Lola&Lykke Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt have said it has helped them enormously to relieve pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain, and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) pain and SI joint pain to name a few.

It also has a hot/cold gel pack which can be worn and inserted in the pocket across the lower back for added comfort. With over 80+ five-star reviews, you could go as far as to say it may be one of the best pregnancy belly bands for running and workouts.

Mairead says, “I’ve been wearing it religiously since 17 weeks when the delightful pelvic pain returned with a bang. I genuinely notice the difference in my movement the following day when I forget to wear it. It has kept me exploring with the boys and although I haven’t been climbing mountains it’s meant I can continue our normal day-to-day adventures. Coupled with regular physio it has been my saving grace.”

Lauren says, “I’ve been trying out my new LolaLykke bump support band on longer walks and it’s been a dream! It comes with a gel pack that can be frozen or heated to relieve back pain. Just another thing to add to the list of things I wish I’d discovered sooner in my 1st pregnancy!”. 

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Pregnancy Running/Workout Belts Reduce Discomfort During Exercise

Especially as your belly begins to grow, the strain on your pelvis and lower back will increase. Running is a full-body workout and has a high impact on your body, even more so when you’re running on a harder surface (e.g., pavements).

For this reason, supporting your bump with a pregnancy exercise support belt will help you to work out because it’s supporting your uterus and will therefore relieve any discomfort you feel when you move around.

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Pregnancy Support Bands Encourage Correct Posture

It’s so easy to slump in a chair or hunch over when resting. It’s even easier, particularly when you’re new to exercise, to have the wrong form or posture when you’re working out.

When you wear a maternity support band for running or workouts, your body is receiving prompts to correct itself and regain proper posture. Maternity belly bands such as the Lola&Lykke Pregnancy Support Band have a double-layer design, unlike less complex belly bands, which are more effective in improving posture and easing pregnancy pains. You’ll thank yourself for this further into your pregnancy and postpartum as it will only make your recovery quicken.

Physiotherapist Johanna smiling while wearing the Lola&Lykke pregnancy support belt

Johanna says, “Physiotherapist approved! I started wearing this maternity belt in the beginning of my third trimester and I’m so glad I did. I’m on my feet pretty much my whole 8 hour work day and this belt has given me the support I’ve needed. I’m a physiotherapist and I would recommend this for other expecting moms.”

Due to the hormone “relaxin” your body produces during pregnancy, it can weaken your muscles and you are at higher risk of causing injury whilst exercising. Pregnant women tend to have that “leaning back” posture so they can balance the extra weight they’re carrying in front! By supporting your core muscles with a maternity workout belt, you’re giving yourself the best chance to continue exercising safely with less discomfort.

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There are several benefits to working out while pregnant and thanks to our expert design, pregnancy belly support bands have only made it easier!

With any new exercise, you must consult your physician or doctor before starting something new or wearing a maternity band for workouts just in case there are underlying health reasons which mean you shouldn’t.

If you’re keen to fully support your body during pregnancy and after birth, why not bundle up and save with our Mama Support 2-Pack Maternity Bands.