about us

about us


Lola&Lykke is a fully women-owned business with a strong social commitment for helping women prosper. In addition to supporting mums, we help women and girls to become empowered and to accelerate progress within their communities.


Lola&Lykke is a Finnish health and wellness brand that designs and develops innovative wellness products for mothers. The simple goal for Lola&Lykke is to improve mothers’ everyday lives - allowing them to enjoy motherhood even more. We nurture mums so they can be their best.

Lola&Lykke is the ultimate destination brand for luxury, sustainable, high quality products for during and after pregnancy. All Lola&Lykke products are designed in Finland and the brand embraces strong, minimalistic Nordic design that serves a purpose. Lola&Lykke is a sustainable company. We avoid using plastic in our packaging and 95% of our packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. We participate in carbon offset schemes and invest in environmental projects in order to neutralise our own product manufacturing carbon footprint.

The team behind Lola&Lykke consists of a talented and dedicated crew of women – most are mums themselves and have experienced first-hand many of the health and wellbeing challenges faced by new mothers. We have used this knowledge and experience to create unique products and solutions to support mothers on their exciting and sometimes challenging journey.

The founders behind the brand are Laura and Kati, two Finnish mums whose goal it is to put mums first. We were frustrated by how difficult it was to find information and products aimed to resolve the post-natal problems we both struggled with. When we did not find what we were looking for, we decided to launch a maternity brand ourselves - and this is how the idea for Lola&Lykke was born.

As mums, we are so consumed with getting to grips with how to be a good parent that we often push our own needs to the bottom of the list of priorities. We at Lola&Lykke want to remind mums that self-care is not selfish: in fact, minding the minder is a win-win situation. In parenthood we need to care for ourselves in order to be at our best to care for the little people in our lives. If we can encourage mums to look after themselves more and make them feel less alone with the changes in their life and body, then we’ve done what we set out to do.

Our simple goal for Lola&Lykke is to nurture mums so they can be their best. We’re passionate about your health, wellbeing and supporting you in your journey as a mum. When you take a leap into the unknown and begin your exciting journey as a new parent, we will be there to support you along the way.

We believe in these values:

Real mums

Becoming a mum isn't always picture perfect - despite what the world around us would have us believe. We are here to talk about both the ups and downs openly and honestly, encouraging mums everywhere to embrace motherhood exactly as it is and not how they think it should be.

Minding the minder

Mums often prioritise everyone else ahead of themselves, but looking after your own well-being both during and after pregnancy is essential and we are here to help.


Being a parent is a big responsibility and can be quite intense at times. We quickly learned that finding the funny side of things is an essential skill in motherhood.


There is no reason why functional can't also be pretty. All our products are designed for mums by mums, embodying unique Nordic design that serves a clear purpose. It is our mission to combine highest quality materials and functional design with strong aesthetics.


We set out on this journey to provide others with the help we wished we had. We love being mums and now also feel proud to be able to play a small part in the lives of other mums out there.

We support women and girls to become empowered and to accelerate progress within their communities.

Lola&Lykke is a fully women-owned business with a strong social commitment for helping women prosper. We not only support mothers through our core business, but also work towards empowering and educating women and girls in developing countries to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities.