• Best electric breast pump 2024

Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump

159 €

Small, quiet and mobile, this wireless electric breast pump is ideal for mums on the go, allowing you to use the pump anywhere, anytime, or pump straight into milk bags. The sleek design contains only 5 parts to assemble with no dangling tubes or wires – pumping has never been easier. Compact but mighty, the powerful hospital-grade suction provides ultimate pumping performance so you can pump quietly in peace with more comfort, more control, and 20% more milk.*

*The package includes a breast shield in size 24mm. Check the sizing guide here

Pre-order item: Delivery in mid-August.

  • 2-year warranty
  • EU safety standards compliance
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Meet our Award-Winning Electric Breast Pump 2024 with Smart Features

Compact design for easy cleaning & pumping on the go

Pump quietly and discreetly

Hospital-grade suction level helps increase milk supply

Smart touch screen for easy tracking of pumping sessions

Save time and pump directly into milk bags

Closed system to  prevent breastmilk from backing up

Pump smarter, without limits

When it comes to feeding, every day brings a new set of challenges. Our electric breast pump is the ideal companion to help you combine breastfeeding with pumping, allowing you to increase your milk supply, manage breastfeeding difficulties or when you need to be away from your baby for a while.

Our wireless breast pump is made to move, so you can pump without limits. With our personalized settings, you can adjust your pump to suit your needs, from more gentle stimulation to heavier let-down, helping you optimize your milk flow. Enjoy more comfort, more mobility and express more milk with our fully wireless breast pump.

Save every single drop

Turn your wireless electric breast pump into a portable feeding solution by using our single-use, pre-sterilized milk storage bags. This is a leak-proof, space-saving, hassle-free solution to storing breast milk like no other.

Pump breast milk directly into the milk storage bags and connect our clever adapters to attach a bottle teat, turning it from a storage bag to a bottle. Our innovative feeding solution is perfect for busy mums on the go, making it easy to pump, store, and feed using the same milk bag.

<p>7-time test winner: <em>the best electric breast pump</em></p>

7-time test winner: the best electric breast pump

Mums have voted this powerful smart breast pump as the best electric breast pump out there for 4 years in a row! The gentle yet efficient suction is designed to feel like your baby nursing, optimizing your milk flow. Easy to assemble, our intuitive design saves you time, so you´re always expression-ready.

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