• Lola&Lykke Breast Milk Storage Bags (10 pcs.) with Adapter

Lola&Lykke Breast Milk Storage Bags (10 pcs.) with Adapter

12.50 €

A leak-proof, space-saving, hassle-free solution to storing breast milk that is like no other. There’s no need to pump and pour with Lola&Lykke Breast Milk Storage Bags – compatible with the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump. Pump directly into the milk storage bags and connect our clever adapters to attach a bottle teat, turning it from a storage bag to a bottle. Pre-sterilised, BPA-free bags for your convenience. Stand up or lay flat to store 150mls of precious breast milk. Available in packs of 10 or 30 with an adaptor.

  • Adapter included
  • Pre-sterilized & Ready-to-use
  • Capacity: 150ml/5oz

Easy to pump, store & feed using the same bag

Pump directly into milk bag

Designed to stand or lay flat for compact freezing & faster thawing

Leak-proof & easy-pour design

Compatible with Lola&Lykke Breast Pump

Lola&Lykke® is proud to be an Environmentally, Ethically and Socially conscious brand

We're an ESG Certified Brand

Lola&Lykke is a Butterfly Mark certified sustainable brand

We Support Great Initiatives

We drive positive change by supporting great health initiatives

Carbon Footprint Matters

We offset our manufacturing and shipping carbon footprint

Design Excellence

Design from Finland - mark indicates Finnish design excellence