Marika Luukkonen

Registered Dietitian (RD)

I am a recent Master of Health Science graduate as well as a Registered Dietitian. I am an expert in general nutrition, such as how to create a suitable diet to support general wellbeing, as well as to treat illnesses and more severe diet problems. I have focused specifically on diet problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period. I wrote my Bachelor’s and Master’s theses on vegan diet during pregnancy and on children’s allergies. I am also training to become a solution-oriented coach for mothers (MamaCoach). I am passionate about helping mothers and parents to feel better in their everyday lives and to provide the best possible start in life for their children. Expecting a new child is often a great opportunity to rethink one’s lifestyle and sometimes children have challenges with diet where expert help can really come in handy. My approach is warm and understanding when meeting new clients as a dietitian and I encourage everyone to find evidence - based ways to support their health and wellbeing which are suitable for them . I am also a mother myself, which has provided me with first - hand experience and further increased my understanding of my specialist subjects