Marie Louise

Senior NHS Midwife, Advisor, Author

My name is Marie Louise, I am a registered midwife and I have worked as a midwife for almost a decade. Whilst practising midwifery I continued my studies to become a Band 6 Midwife and also qualified as a PTLLS adult educator.

I provide antenatal and postnatal education to women and families worldwide. I’m also mum to Georgie, and partner to Andy. In a world that is overcome by misinformation, fake news and misconstrued social media feeds, I am passionate about evidence-based advice and informed choice for women and their families. I continue to deliver this message via many TV/radio shows and my own books/courses, because I want to share evidence-based information in an open, honest and relatable way to expectant and new families.

In pregnancy I encourage every woman to educate themselves to understand their options throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. While you are drafting your birth and postnatal plan, I suggest that in addition to plan A, you also have plans B and C. This so that if anything doesn’t go as planned, you are fully prepared and well informed. Being aware of all of your options helps you feel that much more confident and not so out of control.

I believe that women should not be limited by finances or their personal situation, equality is a must in maternity. Embracing our digital age is a good way to share information, expertise and opinions. Imagine a world in which no one is limited by their circumstances to better understand modern motherhood.