Klára Vomáčková

Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer

My name is Klára Vomáčková and I am a physiotherapist specializing in women‘s health. My work revolves around helping women deal with painful periods, issues related to conception, pregnancy and the postpartum period. I also provide guidance to new mothers on how to hold, cradle and otherwise handle their newborns. I run my own consulting room and work together with 5 colleagues. Our Fyzioterapie Fit and Tasty clinic is based in Brno. I work as an assistant at the Faculty of Sports Studies at Masaryk University, where I teach students of bachelor and masters programs, and also teach courses at Fitness Institut Brno (coaching courses, pelvic floor, mobility, developmental kinesiology). Moreover, I have created a range of online courses focusing on healthy movement (mobility), body core and pelvic floor, along with a separate course for pregnant women and new moms (FitMama). I am also a professional nutritionist and coach, and when working with women, always follow a comprehensive approach.

I am currently on maternity leave, and therefore experiencing the area of my professional specialization at first hand. I keep myself busy with finishing my postgraduate studies and I also enjoy creating content for my Instagram @fitandtasty.


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