Maternity expert Jenny Soderstrom

Jenny Söderström

Physiotherapist, Yoga and Pilates Instructor

My areas of focus are musculoskeletal physiotherapy and psychophysical physiotherapy. For the majority of my time, I guide yoga and pilates classes, including maternity yoga and mother & baby classes. I have been a passionate yoga lover since my teens and considering yoga close to my heart and my guiding life philosophy. Being both gentle and low impact, yet packed with physical and mental benefits, prenatal yoga is a fantastic way to keep active during pregnancy.

Yoga engages the mind and spirit along with the body, and prenatal yoga in particular focuses on gentle stretching and strengthening, mental centering, and developing a greater awareness of the breath. This makes yoga is a great support to mothers-to-be on their pregnancy path, all the way from conception to postpartum. My goal is to help my clients find peace and calm through physical movement, positive body image affirmation and relaxation.

Our relationships with our bodies are often complicated, and this tends to be highlighted during pregnancy, with our bodies going through so many changes. Many of these changes can be difficult to deal with or they can make the pregnant mum feel uncomfortable. After giving birth, the body may take a while to get back to the way it was before, or it may be forever changed. I help mums find a way to navigate these changes throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period, to seek out affirming support, and to love living in this new body.