Best Breast Pump of The Year

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Voted as Best Breast Pump of 2024

Meet the award-winning Breast Pump

Compact design for easy cleaning & pumping on the go

Pump quietly and discreetly

Hospital-grade suction level helps increase milk supply

Smart touch screen for easy tracking of pumping sessions

Save time and pump directly into milk bags

Closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up

How Lola&Lykke Pump compares to the others

Lola&Lykke Pump Traditional Pumps Wearable Pumps
100% leak-proof


Pump straight into milk bags
Hospital-grade suction


Fully wireless
Touch screen display
Access to expert advice

24/7 lactation support

Mobile app control

Coming soon


We are a Conscious Brand

We produce high-quality, long lasting, 100% recyclable products

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Our medical grade bands are recommended by maternity experts

Design Excellence

Design from Finland - mark as evidence of Finish design excellence