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Lola&Lykke and Metropolia University to Run Ground-breaking Clinical Trials to Promote Wellbeing of Mothers

Lola&Lykke and the Finnish Metropolia University of Applied Sciences entered into collaboration in 2021, when Metropolia launched a large-scale clinical study into the effects of using Lola&Lykke's core support belts on pregnant and postpartum women. The research is carried out by Metropolia's Wellness and Health Services Innovation Center in Helsinki under the responsibility of Doctor of Health Sciences, Metropolia University lecturer Sari Haapio.

The purpose of the clinical research is to investigate the effects of pregnancy and postpartum support belts on women's physical well-being during pregnancy and after childbirth. The goal is to produce information about the effects of using a support belt on pain in the pelvic area (lower back and pubic joint) during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Lola&Lykke is undertaking this independent, ground-breaking clinical study in collaboration with Metropolia to provide insights into a previously completely under-researched area.

The study is very extensive, as the aim is to include 80 pregnant mothers using a support band, 80 pregnant control group members, and 80 postpartum mothers using a support belt, and 80 postpartum control group members. In total, the size of the entire group being studied is estimated to be over 300 pregnant and postpartum women.

Mothers posing while wearing Lola&Lykke Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt and Core Restore Postpartum Support Band

Background of the study

The physical and hormonal changes in a woman's body during pregnancy and childbirth are not only normal but also special, because the body undergoes many necessary adaptations related to the development of the fetus, childbirth and the care of the newborn: As the fetus grows, the size of the mother's stomach increases, separating the abdominal muscles. As the size of the breasts increases and the weight increases, the pressure in the pelvic area increases and the center of gravity shifts forward, also changing the posture. These changes can affect the function of the muscles of the middle body and increase the load on the lumbar spine. Due to the effect of pregnancy hormones, especially relaxin, the body's ligaments, pelvic area muscles and bone-muscle joints (pubic joint) also loosen.

Although these changes are normal for a woman's body and reversible after childbirth, they can cause pain and physical discomfort. There are some ways to ease pain and to support one´s recovery. Good physical condition and active exercise before pregnancy are important for a woman's overall well-being and recovery from childbirth. Support belts may also provide targeted support for the core and pelvic area during pregnancy (Lola&Lykke® Core Relief) and after childbirth (Lola&Lykke® Core Restore).

The Core Relief pregnancy support belt, developed to support the core during pregnancy, lifts and supports the belly, easing pressure on the back, pelvis and bladder. The belt can help correct posture and can thus reduce possible pain. The compression support provided by the belt supports the uterus and can reduce discomfort during physical activity.

The Core Restore postpartum support belt has been developed to support the core after childbirth. The band effectively supports the abdomen, pelvis and back, when the core muscles and movement control are still weak after pregnancy. Using a support belt can reduce swelling by enhancing fluid circulation and thus can support recovery from childbirth. The support belt is suitable for both vaginal and caesarean births.

Benefits of the Study

Participation in the study helps mothers better understand their own physical well-being and exercise habits, which makes it easier for them to get the help they need during pregnancy and after childbirth. Participants also have the opportunity to discuss important issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery with an expert. The information obtained from the research will help to better understand the physical well-being of mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth as well as gain a better insight into postpartum recovery as a whole. In addition, the study will provide information about how to better support the physical wellbeing and activity of pregnant and postpartum mothers in public healthcare channels. 

Finnish University Metropolia studying Lola&Lykke's pregnancy and postpartum support belts

Image by Metropolia

"It is very interesting and inspiring to implement such a challenging intervention study, which seeks to produce evidence of the effects of pregnancy and postpartum support belts on the general wellbeing and physical activity levels of expecting and newly postpartum mothers", says Metropolia University lecturer Sari Haapio.

"It is great for us to be able to implement a large-scale research collaboration with Metropolia, which culminates in an intervention study of pregnant and postpartum mothers. Similar research has not been carried out by a maternity brand before, and we believe that our collaboration will bring out Lola&Lykke's roots in high-quality research, innovation, and excellence in Finnish healthcare. This cooperation is a perfect example of what can be achieved when all actors in the ecosystem work together," says Laura McGrath, CEO of Lola&Lykke.

Check out the official announcement on Metropolia's website (in Finnish).

by Lola&Lykke Team