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How to Make Mother’s Day Special for a First-Time Mum

You’ve made it. After enduring sleepless nights, endless feeds, growing laundry piles and singing nursery rhymes all day (even when the baby isn’t present!), your day has arrived!

You’ve probably celebrated Mother’s Day each year, but this year is different. It’s your day too and you’re going to want to make it extra special to mark the occasion. After all, you deserve it 110%, and if you need an excuse to be spoilt for the day, this is it.

Prepare to dazzle your partner with a few ideas to make this day one to remember.

Start a new family tradition

People give flowers, handmade cards, e cards, and gifts to their Mums every year for Mother’s Day. How about starting a new tradition just for your family that you can continue for years to come? Here are some ideas to get your thoughts flowing…

• Breakfast in bed: Serve Mum her favourite breakfast with a steamy cuppa before her feet even hit the floor in the morning.

• Go for a walk: She might have a favourite place, or you can choose somewhere new. A picturesque walk with a tasty pitstop en route is bound to raise a smile.

• Create a photo wall: Each year, take a new family photo and add it to the wall. You could also translate this idea into a photo album.

Spoil your partner with the perfect gift

Now we don’t wanna brag but there are some really cute gift sets for expecting mums and new mums on our online shop right now. From supportive postpartum bands to stylish bags fit for a breastfeeding mama. And if you’re not sure which gift she would like, there are gift card options too. (I know, we literally couldn’t make this simpler for you, you’re welcome!)

Lola&Lykke postpartum support band

But if you’re going all out, you’re going to need to throw some extra ideas in there too. How about a luxury hamper with some of her favourite brands or items? Or head over to Groupon and purchase an afternoon tea for two? You can’t go wrong with mini sandwiches and cake.

Perhaps this mama is craving a relaxing spa treatment or a couple of hours to get her nails done or you could gift her an entire day of pampering! This mama has been on her feet non-stop and can barely get around to boiling the kettle, let alone remembering to drink her tea before it’s gone cold. Cocktails by the pool and a massage sound dreamy.

A book of favours is a unique idea that’s great for family or friends to gift. You can buy pre-made ones or make your own. Each page has a favour written on it that the receiving mum can use like a voucher. For example, you can offer to babysit for a night, cook dinner for her, clean, etc. It’s a kind gesture and a great practical gift for a new mum.

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Every mama needs some downtime

All day long, all year round, this mum is on the go flitting from one place to another. And when she’s not flitting, she’s probably clearing up the most recent mess your little one has created! The time she gets for herself is scarce. So, downtime is essential for any mother on Mother’s Day.

The idea of downtime looks different to everyone, but you don’t need to overcomplicate it. It could simply be offering to take the kids out for a short while so Mum can enjoy the peace at home! You could set up a “relax station” for her by choosing a comfy spot, like an armchair or even a bath. Set down her favourite drink, a good book or magazine, snacks, calming music, etc. Create a relaxing atmosphere that she can simply sink into and switch off. Brownie points if you remember the chocolate!

Sentimental keepsakes for Mums

You only get your first Mother’s Day once – why not mark the occasion with a beautiful keepsake that keeps on giving. Celebrating with memories and keepsakes is a lovely way to cherish your loved ones. We found these simple and personal gift ideas that would make the perfect keepsake on Mother’s Day.

• Memory box: You could have a box for each child or make one bespoke for her. Add items such as photos, letters, kid’s drawings, or anything that sparks a memory or she holds special would be a great addition. Each year you can add something to the box which would be another lovely family tradition to uphold.

• Hand and footprint craft: lots of places sell DIY kits so you can either create a mould in plaster or print hand and footprints onto paper. These look nice framed on the wall or printed onto other items such as plates.

• Personalised jewellery: Have her name, the word Mum or your child(ren)’s name engraved onto a piece of jewellery to give a more personal present. You can also get poems and quotes engraved onto ornaments that could be displayed around the family home.

Little daughter hiding mother's day card for mother behind her back

Show your support for your Mum friends

For some people, Mother’s Day may be a reminder of a difficult time in their lives like losing a loved one or being told that they cannot have children. You can show your support for your Mum friends by letting them know that you’re there for them and you’re thinking of them. A kind gesture goes a long way, and they would feel appreciated on a day that is harder than most.

Time to get organised

What will you choose to do this Mother’s Day? We hope this compilation of ideas has given you some inspiration on how to spend your first Mother’s Day. You may know already that Lola&Lykke live by the mantra of “Mama first”, so we want to say a big congrats to you and if you ever need support, you know where to find us.