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Best Breast Pump of the Year: Celebrating a Gold Award from Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Three Years Running!

Did you hear our news? The headline gives it all away really!

We’re celebrating an incredible achievement at Lola&Lykke. Our Smart Electric Breast Pump has won the gold award for ‘Best Breast Pump of the Year’ at Mother&Baby Awards 2023 - that’s three years in a row! We’re also really chuffed to see our bestselling Breastfeeding Starter Kit gain worthy recognition with a Silver award this year too.

Our very own Laura McGrath, Founder and CEO, says, “This video of me receiving the award shows just how much this means to us. It means parents believe in our products and our brand. It means our hard work gets rewarded, and that you really can achieve great things by believing, persevering and never giving up.”


What is the Mother&Baby Awards?

Mother&Baby Awards

These prestigious UK awards take place annually and are widely recognised across Europe. All products are tested, reviewed, and voted for by real parents to give consumers accurate feedback and ultimately select the winning products for each category.

Because each product has been tested by parents and genuine buyers, you can be assured that the reviews and votes are trustworthy and unbiased to the brand. Out of thousands of applicants, Mother&Baby only select 200 testers based on their suitability for the products and what stage of pregnancy/motherhood they are at.

What makes Lola&Lykke’s product range unique?

We pride ourselves on designing products that are unique, modern, and enhance the mother’s journey throughout parenthood. The Smart Electric Breast Pump, along with all of our other products, has a stamp of excellence from ‘Design from Finland’ as recognition for collaboratively working with industry experts to bring you innovative health and wellness products.

Did you know?

Before launching our Smart Electric Breast Pump, we submitted our pre-launch model into the 2020 Mother&Baby awards where it was up against established brands and came out on top winning it’s first Gold award! In just 2 weeks of being launched, it was a sellout!

What did the testers say about Lola&Lykke’s Single Electric Breast Pump

Mother&Baby product reviews said, “With so much positive feedback, there's no surprise that the Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump won gold for Best Breast Pump in the 2023 Mother&Baby Awards.”

Maternity physiotherapist Johanna holding her baby while using the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump for pumping

Mums loved that they could quickly assemble the electric breast pump and make a cuppa whilst pumping! One tester said, “I love the fact that it is wireless – no more hanging out by the plug socket to pump!”. Testers also loved the smart touch-screen technology with easy-to-use buttons on top of the breast pump and the quiet motor so you can pump discreetly when you’re out and about.

Compatible accessories such as Lola&Lykke’s breast milk storage bags with the handy adaptor were described as “making life a lot easier for busy mums” because of the flexibility it gave them when choosing how to feed their baby, without having to transfer milk into a bottle.

New Saver Bundles featuring the best breast pump of the year

In just 2 years, our popular wireless electric breast pump has won 5 Gold awards! The support from our valued customers and dedicated team helped to make this happen and for that, we are truly grateful.

After hearing the feedback from our Mother&Baby testers, we are excited to introduce our new product bundles featuring the Smart Electric Breast Pump with compatible accessories and even more award-winning maternity products, such as the Pregnancy Core Relief Support Band. In particular, our ‘Breast Pump Set’ and ‘Hospital Bag Set’ have proven to be most popular for new and expecting mums since launching the range of bundles.

Not only have we won awards for our innovative portable electric breast pump, but our popular Breastfeeding Starter Kit won the silver award for ‘Best Product for Breastfeeding (excluding breast pumps)’ this year and was previously awarded the Editor’s Choice award in 2022.

Lola&Lykke Breastfeeding Starter Kit won Silver

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Exciting times ahead

We are a small female-led brand making big strides in the industry to bring you the best game-changing products there is to offer for breastfeeding and expecting mothers. We have even more exciting projects lined up for next year including collaborations with Eva Wahlström. Get live updates on our socials so you don’t miss the next big launch!

Lola&Lykke founders with Eva Wahlström

by Lola&Lykke Team