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Ex-World Champion Eva Wahlström Joins the Lola&Lykke Team

Our aim here at Lola&Lykke is to support the holistic wellbeing of mums all over the world, during all stages of their maternity journey. During the past Covid-filled 18 months, many of our shipping routes have been affected, but we are taking steps to open new routes in Europe, the Middle East and North America. The Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump has been integral in this development as the award winner for the best breast pump of 2021 in the UK’s Mother&Baby Awards.

For an extra boost in our breast pump development, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Eva Wahlström. This collaboration is culminating in Spring 2023 when we launch the new Lola&Lykke® by Eva Wahlström Breast Pump.

- We’re thrilled to announce this collaboration. Eva joins the Lola&Lykke team as a designer and Brand Ambassador, meaning we are hoping the collaboration will continue long into the future, Laura McGrath, CEO of Lola&Lykke, says.

Our team was looking for a Finnish woman with experience and vision regarding breast pumps. Looking back now, the ‘who’ was glaringly obvious, and we approached designer and artist Eva Wahlström quickly. She held the boxing featherweight champion title for a decade, she’s the mother of a blended family who lives for creation and moving. She’s quite clearly a Female Changemaker – and she was delighted to accept our partnership proposal.

- I had recently joked with my husband how unsexy I feel pumping – obviously feeling sexy should not be a priority for new mums but it says quite a lot about the experience I had with breast pumps. This partnership is an amazing opportunity, Wahlström revels. 

Ex-boxer Eva Wahlström standing in the centre and smiling with Lola&Lykke founders Laura McGrath (left) and Kati Hovikari (right)

Eva Wahlström in the centre with Lola&Lykke founders Laura McGrath (left) and Kati Hovikari (right).

Breast pumps are a familiar feature in Eva Wahlström’s life, because at the start of her professional boxing career her son was only 10 days old. Consequently, the impracticality of the breast pumps available (that many of you must be able to empathise with!) was something she struggled with. Changing from amateur to professional boxing meant, that she’d have to spend more and more time at the gym or boxing ring, and the wires and tubes made pumping not only an uncomfortable, but also impractical experience. Our Wireless Electric Breast Pump was something Wahlström got inspired by immediately. In addition to the modern functions, she delights in the opportunity to give the pump a new, Scandinavian look.

- The ease of use, wirelessness, and the existing great features of the pump will remain, Wahlström says. A beautiful and functional breast pump can at best empower mum and give dad the possibility to bond with baby through feeding, she adds.

    Eva Wahlström is holding Lola&Lykke Electric Breast Pump by her right hand and smiling at her baby

    The changes will concentrate on the appearance of the current pump, with some additions to its’ functionality as the new pump will, for example, feature a fully watertight engine unit. It will also showcase the building pillars of Eva Wahlström’s designing philosophy: elegant simplicity and Scandinavian colour scheme. 

    - I like the freshness, sustainability and warmth that resonates from Lola&Lykke. It makes you feel like you’re really cared about, Wahlström says. And we get to tackle an unprecedented angle of sustainability in what is traditionally a plastic product!

      More functionalities will also be offered through a compatible app that is currently in development. Our plan is to launch an application that will make breastfeeding easier for you: You’ll be able to track pumping frequency and amount of milk, among everything else. As part of the app we will also offer you a direct link to our HealthBot through which you can get professional help to all your nursing, pumping and other questions. The vision behind the app is big: the application should support your wellbeing holistically throughout your entire maternity journey. The market is lacking this kind of application.

      - Although we’ve built a strongly international brand from the beginning, this partnership with a Finnish designer is huge for us as we want to bring our Finnish roots out more. Eva is a living example of how you can achieve anything with ambition, versatility, and strong faith in yourself. You can be a mum and a world champion, and you can reach for the dreams in working life too. This kind of modern motherhood is what we are about, celebrates Lola&Lykke’s Laura McGrath.

        So, good news – keep an eye out on our social media for more sneak peeks and a previews on the breast pump development!

        by Lola&Lykke Team