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Pregnancy hormones that soften your pelvis and ligaments stay in your body for a while after pregnancy. This is the ideal time to support and accelerate your body’s recovery with the Core Restore support band. By using the Core Restore postnatal band, you can boost your physical recovery from both C-section and vaginal birth, avoiding potential long-term problems with your back, posture and abdomen.

"This postpartum belt has made such a difference to my tummy after c-section, and it´s also great for your back. You feel so supported with it on, and the soft inside makes it very comfortable to wear. "
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You can start to use the Core Restore support band straight after vaginal delivery and c-section. We recommend using the support band regularly for at least 6-12 weeks immediately after childbirth, but if desired, the band can be worn longer.

Post-pregnancy belts can be used to speed-up recovery process after abdominal surgery such as c-section.  The Core Restore belt provides help with supporting your surgical incision, holding your abdominal muscles together and increasing circulation at your surgical site to promote healing and decrease swelling.

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