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The European Union is partly financing the development project supporting Lola&Lykke's internationalization

Lola&Lykke is running an internationalization project supported by the European Union in 2022-24. The main goal of the development project is to explore completely new markets, starting with the USA and Japan, and at the same time prepare to advance to markets outside of Europe. Along with market research, an important goal is to develop the company's logistics and fulfilment processes to scale the business, open markets outside the EU and improve the company's profitability. The development of the Company´s supply chain processes also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the product business.

Along with market research and data gathering, Lola&Lykke seeks to drive improvements in its supply chain and logistics activities with the help of the EU funding. Furthermore, the project helps the company in scaling its product business and in outlining the right way forward for new markets. As a result, Lola&Lykke will be better equipped to grow internationally and to build a digital community for mothers as part of its comprehensive maternal health concept.

Lola&Lykke – building the world´s most trusted maternal health brand

Lola&Lykke's goal is to be an innovative provider of maternity wellbeing products and services that a mother can strongly rely on throughout her motherhood journey. The Company is building the world´s most trusted maternal health brand through clinical research, award-winning products, healthcare expertise and community-based support, to deliver an experience unlike anything in the market. Its unique mum-centric care model provides holistic support for the millions of women currently not getting the breastfeeding and postpartum support they need.

Lola&Lykke is on a mission to empower mothers with a radical mum centric approach, reducing the stress and uncertainty that pregnancy and breastfeeding bring. The groundbreaking concept will not only highlight the company, but also Finland als a leader in maternal health globally.  

Although the wellbeing of babies has improved with the general rise in the standard of living and the increase in health information, the mental wellbeing of mothers has not developed in the same way. Instead, fatigue, anxiety and exhaustion have reached the level of an outright epidemic in Western countries. The Covid pandemic also played a key role in shaping the maternity services market going forward. Many traditional maternity services have become remote and childbirth coaching classes have been cancelled, further increasing the fear and anxiety of expectant mothers. Globally, the pandemic accelerated digitalization and has created a huge market potential for new services.

European Union Horizontal Principles: Equality, Employment, and Sustainability

The development project strongly supports the horizontal principles of the European Union, with an emphasis on promoting equality, employment, and sustainable development. Lola&Lykke uses extensive business networks in the development of its unique offering and has been able to create four new employment positions through the project funding.

Founded by two Finnish mothers, Lola&Lykke is a proudly women-led company with a fundamental ethos that a mother can only thrive when she is looked after too. The company brings together the best in clinical research, health expertise and digital technology to change an industry and the lives of new mothers worldwide.

Since being founded in 2018, Lola&Lykke has demonstrated a deep commitment to the health and well-being of women, and their children, through the development of support networks that bring together industry-leading education, research, and technologies. By providing holistic support to pregnant women and mothers, Lola&Lykke continuously ensures positive social impacts remain at the top of the agenda. With a fully engaged CEO and sustainability team, the company is increasingly focused on global economic, environmental, and social priorities. Its innovative sustainability purpose also extends to multiple partnerships with academics, government agencies, healthcare providers, maternal health experts, NGOs, and suppliers.

As sustainability continues to be a key focus of Lola&Lykke´s strategy, the company is committed to creating a positive impact on society and the planet by building a transparent brand that supports responsible practices and uses its platform to champion social justice and wellbeing in the world. Lola&Lykke became a ´Butterfly Mark´ certified sustainable brand during the EU development project. The Butterfly Mark certification is an independent, globally respected trust mark awarded to luxury brands, retailers and suppliers that meet the highest standards of verified ESG+ performance. The certification has been created in consultation with the British Positive Luxury Sustainability Council and it is underpinned by the latest international standards, global legislation and best practice principles.

Mothers sitting together and wearing Lola&Lykkes support belts

by Lola&Lykke Team