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Award-winning Products For New Mums

We are delighted to announce that our products have won several prizes in Made For Mums Awards 2020! Every year, MadeForMums put hundreds of pregnancy and baby products under the microscope to award the best ones available. All products are rigorously tested by industry experts, influencers, and home testers who use the products in daily life.

Made For Mums Awards 2020: mother with her baby

MadeForMums is the UK´s biggest parenting reviews site with over 3 million monthly users who trust and rely on their completely honest, expert, top-ranking reviews and 'best of' product picks.


Hero Pregnancy Health Products

Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt - Silver

Why it’s a winner: Our testers were really impressed by the comfort they felt wearing this band, finding the fabric was breathable and “never clammy”. It claims to give hip and abdominal support, and it really seemed to live up to its promise. The band also has velcro fastenings, to make it easier to take on and off, and supports balance and stability during pregnancy. Judges also liked the fact it has built-in space for hot/cold patch to relieve back ache.

Learn more about our pregnancy belly support band

Lola&Lykke Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt won Silver in Made For Mums Awards 2020

Hero Health Products For Parents

Core Restore Support Band - Bronze

Why it’s a winner: Judges felt this sturdy wrap – which is easily strapped on and is c-section friendly – would do a great job of supporting your mid-core muscles after pregnancy. We liked the fact is is also designed to increase circulation – which is why it’s good for c-sections – and reduce back pain and improve posture. When you’ve had a baby, your mid-core muscles are weakened, so a band designed to help push your abdominal muscles back together was a hit with our testers. Plus, they loved that you can wear it anytime, discreetly fitting it under outfits.

Learn more about our postpartum band

Lola&Lykke Core Restore Support Band won Bronze in Made For Mums Awards 2020

Best Breastfeeding Products

Curved Bamboo Nursing Pads - Bronze

Why it’s a winner: These nursing pads are the perfect product for the eco-conscious nursing mum. They are well designed, with soft, yet absorbent fabric, much more comfortable than some of the disposable pads on the market. Our home testers felt the pads were comfortable and prevented leaks well, and very easy to wash for re-use.

Shop our bamboo nursing pads here.

Lola&Lykke Curved Bamboo Nursing Pads won Bronze in Made For Mums Awards 2020

Electric Breast Pump - Top 6

Our brand new smart electric breast pump was a finalist (within top 6 pumps) in the electric breast pumps category. As a newcomer, we are excited for our pump to be ranked in the same category with market giants like Medela and Elvie.

Learn more about our portable electric breast pump

Lola&Lykke Electric Breast Pump is top 6 in Made For Mums Awards 2020

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