Lataa kuva Galleria-katseluun, Mama Support -tuplapakkaus
Lataa kuva Galleria-katseluun, Mama Support -tuplapakkaus
Lataa kuva Galleria-katseluun, Mama Support -tuplapakkaus
Lataa kuva Galleria-katseluun, Mama Support -tuplapakkaus
Lataa kuva Galleria-katseluun, Mama Support -tuplapakkaus
Lataa kuva Galleria-katseluun, Mama Support -tuplapakkaus

Mama Support -tuplapakkaus

"These ergonomic belly bands provide mums with much needed support during and after pregnancy. We warmly recommend these medical level belts to expecting and new mums. "
Bundle buy and save! Our Mama Support 2-Pack contains both are best-selling ergonomic support bands, so that you can stay fully supported during pregnancy and after birth.
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Core Relief Size
Core Restore Size

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How do pregnancy and postpartum support belts help?

Our PREGNANCY SUPPORT BELT is a must have for expecting mums. It lifts and supports the baby bump, easing pressure on back, pelvis, spine and bladder. The maternity band is ergonomically designed, comfortable and flexible. It supports proper posture and reduces the risk of stretch marks.

Our POSTPARTUM SUPPORT BAND provides support for pelvis and ligaments softened by your body´s natural hormone, Relaxin. When your core has been weakened by hormones and the physical effects of pregnancy, targeted compression helps promote more effective core recovery and better posture.

Benefits of our maternity support belts


✔ ️High-level back, hip and abdominal support

✔ Super-soft bamboo viscose is comfortable on fragile stretching skin

✔ Extra compression straps with easy velcro fastenings to lift and support bump 

✔ ️Features a back pocket for hot and cold therapy relief designed to ease back pain

✔ Reinforced back support which helps take weight off belly

✔ Extra support, stability and balance during exercise

✔ Eases pressure on back, pelvis and spine

✔ Relieves bladder discomfort

✔ Reduces the risk of stretch marks



✔ ️ Latex-free, breathable, hypoallergenic

✔ ️ Medical Grade Quality 

✔ ️ Suitable for both natural and c-section recovery

✔  Recommended by Physiotherapists

✔  Adjustable dual compression system allows for band to be tightened on two levels; hips and waist.

✔ ️ Perfect fit around the abdominal area adjusts to your body´s normal movement

✔ ️ Easy and safe to wear during daily activities including breastfeeding, sitting, walking and light exercise

Size Chart - Pregnancy Support Belt

Size Chart - Postpartum Belly Band

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