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Best Gifts for new Mums and Mums-to-be

Finding gifts for new mums is always a toss-up between getting something for her or something for her baby. Albeit it may be hard to put down that gorgeous little baby grow – it is definitely the new mum who deserves the present. Few milestones are as stressful as your first few months as a new mum. It's uncharted territory and, between getting enough sleep, easing back into your routine, and adjusting to the endless duties that come with taking care of a real human child, it can feel impossible to keep up with everything.

Becoming a mother is a selfless, exhausting, and extremely rewarding moment in a woman’s life so we believe that new mums deserve something super special to help them start their journey. Whether it's something practical to make her life as a new mum simpler, extravagant, and pretty because she has earned a treat, or something to help her navigate this new chapter in life, we’ve rounded up our favourite gift ideas for new mums.

Two children surprising mother with gifts and a card on Mother’s Day

Gift ideas for the first Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always an important holiday, but it definitely feels extra special when you’re a new mum. The first Mother’s Day needs remarkable celebrating, and it is important to showcase to a new mum how much she, and everything she does, matter. For the perfect Mother’s Day gift, you can get inspired by our ideas:

  • Create a delicious Mother’s Day lunch, and let the new mom walk straight to a fully set table. The lunch can contain the mother’s favourite treats, or perhaps you can opt for a spring-inspired menu featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • What would a Mother’s Day gift be without flowers! The more colourful and bigger, the merrier.
  • Lola&Lykke Motherhood Starter Kit is a lovely gift set, which will delight all mothers.
  • For new mums, downtime is often scarce, so offering to watch the baby so they can have a break and do something they enjoy, like going for a walk or getting a massage, can be a precious Mother’s Day gift.
  • Surprise the new mom with a delightful pajama set, perfect for unwinding in bed after a long and deserved day.

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A mother happily receiving two bags filled with fresh vegetables she ordered for home delivery.Home Food Delivery Service

Having a baby unquestionably alters people’s eating routine - think you can still stick to your 5:30pm seating for dinner with your partner? Generally you are scoffing a meal when the baby sleeps, or attempting to eat a one-handed meal while the baby sleeps on you. Understandably, convenience take priority over nutrition.

Most new mums are lucky to get out of their PJ's most days, so the thought of getting dressed, packing baby essentials, working out what to feed the family and tackling a grocery list with a screaming baby is overwhelming. 

If you’re good at baking, any savoury or sweet treats and snacks that are easy to store and eat (with one hand of course) will be greatly appreciated. 

Alternatively, a fresh food or meal subscription service that delivers fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to her door will be her saviour for the next 6 or 12 months. We think gifting a subscription is the perfect helping hand for new mums and gives them the peace of mind that their dinners will be wholesome and packed with taste. 

Gift idea for pregnant moms and new moms

Well Thought-out Hamper

Why not put together a lovely hamper for the new mum that will allow her to feel a little pampered (she will need it in the coming weeks and months). Include some 100% natural oil to fight stretchmarks and uneven skin tone, some organic nipple balm to care for tender nipples and dry skin and a soothing spray for the perineal area containing natural essential oils. Check out this amazing relief spray for perineal soreness, bruising and swelling after childbirth by My Expert Midwife. Throw into some super pretty PJs (she will practically live in them for the next 6 months) dry shampoo, dark chocolate and other treats and you´ll be good to go!

Spa Gift Certificate

A gift voucher that can be used for a relaxing spa treatment is just the pick-me-up sleep-deprived mamas would love. After the haze of the first few weeks or months of motherhood has passed, new mums really want to feel like themselves again. A seriously good facial is one of the best ways to do this, isn't it?

Photography of Mum and Baby

One thing many women experience as mums is that they are the ones behind the camera capturing moments of their child’s life. While there might be pictures of new mums and babies right after delivery and the first few weeks of life, it doesn’t take long before mums transition to being the family’s picture taker. The unfortunate outcome: As the baby grows, mums are always behind the scenes even though they are front and center in daily life. A gift certificate for a photography session to capture candid moments of everyday life—with mum included—will be cherished for a lifetime.

New mother with her baby, opening Lola&Lykke Breastfeeding Starter Kit on her bed

Lola&Lykke Bundles

We here at Lola&Lykke have been through the ups and downs of motherhood and know what it feels like to look after a new-born through the first hazy, sleep-deprived months. Instead of skipping into town in a few days with our new little bundle, it turns out that bringing a human being into this world actually takes a real physical toll on your body. Overtired, overwhelmed and unsure of what we´re doing, we quickly transition to survival mode and completely forget about looking after ourselves in the process. That´s where we here at Lola&Lykke step in: we want to remind mums that self-care is not selfish, instead it is necessary. Investing a little time into yourself makes the motherhood side of things a lot easier in the long run. Shop our thoughtful and practical bundles full of things mothers need.

Organic Cotton Socks from Q for Quinn

Crafted with care and comfort in mind, these soft, eco-friendly socks from Q for Quinn are made from 98% cotton, providing the ideal blend of style and sustainability. Choose from a variety of designs to make every mum feel pampered and cherished. Explore the sock collection here and give the gift of comfort to the special women in your life.

by Lola&Lykke Team