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Top 9 Best Holiday Gifts for New and Expecting Mums this Holiday

  • marraskuu 21, 2022

You need an awesome gift for an awesome mum. But it’s never that easy, is it?!

“I need a beautiful gift that’s practical, a gift that will raise a smile, a game-changer gift they didn’t even know they needed.” We hear you, so we’ve compiled a simple gift guide to help you find the best gift this holiday.

A thoughtful gift for a working mum

Let’s be honest, returning to work after maternity leave is no easy feat! The “Back to Work” bundle was designed for mums who wanted a simple solution to pump and breastfeed around their work commitments.

Back to work

The portable electric breast pump has a rechargeable battery and is light enough to slip into your handbag. As well as the wireless breast pump, the breast milk storage bags eliminate the risky transfer of milk so you can pump with ease. The set also includes a stylish cooler bag that keeps milk chilled and fresh for up to 6 hours. Gone are the days when they have to rearrange the staff fridge to accommodate bottles of breast milk!

A gift for an exclusively pumping mum

These mums mean business. They need all the hacks and game-changing accessories to make their breast-pumping journey a smooth one! Our popular wireless Breast Bump Set is the perfect gift for a new and expecting mum to help them feel like a breastfeeding pro.

Breast pump set

Words like hospital-grade suction, wireless design, quiet motor and easy assembly will have them swooning over our Smart Electric Breast Pump like you’ve never seen before.

And for a bigger treat, why not upgrade them to the Ultimate Set? With even more essential breastfeeding and pumping gifts to indulge in, such as our reusable bamboo nursing pads which curve to your breast for high absorbency and leave your skin feeling fresh and dry.

Ultimate set

Also included in the Ultimate Set are our award-winning pregnancy and postpartum support bands which provide high-level core and back support to promote better posture whilst feeding and relieve common pregnancy and postpartum pains. Designed and collaborated with Finnish physiotherapists, it’s a winning combination for any new or expecting mother.

A gift for an organised mum

We’ve packed a hospital bag or two in our time and it’s reassuring to have well-equipped hospital essentials set that prioritise mum’s health postpartum and an easy feeding solution for their baby. We’ve even included a handy checklist for other items they’ll need and want for peace of mind!

The Hospital Bag Set includes our bestselling Smart Electric Breast Pump and breast milk storage bags with adaptors giving them the perfect setup for pumping comfortably as they establish their milk supply. Not forgetting the all-important leakproof bamboo nursing pads to keep the milk leaks at bay! The Postpartum Belt will accelerate their recovery from c-section or vaginal delivery to help get them back on their feet.

Hospital bag set

A caring gift for a healing mum

Childbirth takes its toll on a mother’s body and a few luxuries are bound to bring a smile to her face. The Birth Recovery Set by Lola&Lykke features the Core Restore Postpartum Support Band designed to give them high-level support for weakened core muscles and speed up their recovery, including c-section delivery, with some added home comforts. Like our Nursing whole-leaf blend tea, ideal for supporting milk flow and nourishing milk production.

Birth recovery

And as a special touch, we’ve included reusable bamboo nursing pads which feel silky soft against your skin. It’s the best gift for a new mum’s journey to postpartum recovery.

A practical gift for a mum on-the-go

Do you know the mum that’s constantly flitting from one place to the next? The one whose feet barely touch the ground during the day? Our Pump on the Move Set was designed for this mum. It’s the ultimate gift for nursing mums they didn’t know they needed. This portable breast pump set is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport and safely stores every precious drop of breast milk inside a stylish cooler bag to fling over their shoulder.

Pump on the move

A gift for an expecting mum

Look no further, we’ve designed the best baby shower gift for an expecting mama. They’ll love the added comfort and support from Lola&Lykke’s Core Relief Pregnancy Support Band coupled with a steamy cup of whole-leaf blend pregnancy tea. A luxury that every pregnant woman needs!

Mum to be

Help them go about their day more comfortably with our uniquely designed support band which features dual-layer compression straps that gently lift the baby bump and relieve common pregnancy pains and pressure. A welcomed gift for sure!

A new mum gift for small budgets

Our most loved breastfeeding accessory combined with practical buggy hooks and energising whole-leaf tea. The Mama Small Gift Set ticks all the boxes for a new mum embracing motherhood.

Mama small gift set

A gift for a tea-loving mum

Spoil this mum with our Mama Big Gift Set – beautiful items chosen by mums and loved by mums. This gift set includes a stylish thermal mug, reusable bamboo nursing pads, strong stroller hooks, and two boxes of our organic whole-leaf tea to enjoy in a rare quiet moment! An ideal gift to keep Mama’s tea piping hot and her hands free.

Mama big gift set

Hooray for discounted gift sets!

As you can see, we really did cover all gift combos to take the stress out of finding the best gifts this holiday. Bundle and save on our new gift sets for breastfeeding mums with our lowest prices yet and take full advantage of our free delivery offer on orders over €150 within the UK and Europe.