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New Mum Gift Box


  • Lola&Lykke® Core Restore Postpartum Belly Band

    Our postpartum belly band with innovative dual compression technology provides much-needed support for weakened, unstable core muscles after childbirth. The belt offers comfortable dual-layer support for your core, hips, and back post pregnancy, alleviating back pains and improving posture. The band helps to gently realign your abdominal muscles, reducing the appearance of ´mummy tummy´. The gentle compression expedites fluids through the body and accelerates recovery from pregnancy and labour.

  • Snüg: Thermal shield

    Our super-soft thermal breast shield is made from pure ÖKO-TEX certified merino wool. It provides warmth and protection for nursing mums´ sensitive breasts and helps encourage better milk flow.

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New Mum Gift Box


  • Mum Stroller Hooks

    Get hands-free control on your shopping trips! Our Stroller Hooks are designed to clip over the buggy handle so you can hang bags from them securely rather than trying to carry heavy bags or try to fit them into the pram basket.

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