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My baby is not getting enough breast milk

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Some nursing mums just cannot express milk with pumps. That is no cause for concern. If baby’s latch could be improved (and the mention of baby’s tight tongue band leaves me to think there might be) it may well be that baby’s suction is not powerful enough either to stimulate the milk production to his needs. There’s a lot that can be done so you shouldn’t think there’s nothing that can be done.

On this video there’s a recap on good latching and different nursing positions you may have already considered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiT6wPC6iIc

Flat nipples are usually not a hindrance for nursing, I find, but they can make breastfeeding a little difficult initially. Have you tried a nipple shield? Some have found it a helpful product.

The most important thing in your case would be to get a lactation consultant to have a look at your nursing and baby’s latch. There are many IBCLC-trained lactation consultants in many countries, who can manage very challenging breastfeeding issues.

Baby might also need some help with the tongue. If at all possible, consulting a local osteopath or a reflexologist who is specialised in babies. He might have other tight spots in his body – it’s rare the tongue is the only tight bit, usually this is accompanied by tightness in other places too – and with gentle treatment he could be made more comfortable and through that, it may help you with nursing.

Baby may have been breastfed full time up until now, or maybe half breast milk half formula. It’s perfectly fine for baby to be on half formula, but make a note of this when you talk with a lactation consultant in person. This is a good thing to consider when breasts are not supplying enough milk (or overproducing it) but once baby’s latch and suction have been ok’d, it would be good to reduce the amount of formula in order to increase milk production. You’ll get a good set of instructions for this from your lactation consultant, or even the midwife I hear you are in touch with.

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