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It’s been several weeks since I had my baby. Why do I still look pregnant?

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"It’s often a surprise for women to look down after having their baby to see a belly that still looks pregnant. Women’s bodies are remarkable! What starts as a small, pear-sized organ, your uterus can stretch to accommodate a full-term baby (and in some pregnancies, several babies!). As your baby and uterus both grow, abdominal muscles and tissue stretch, and organs are shifted to make room. Obviously, these changes take place gradually over the 9+ months. After delivery, there will also be a gradual process for the abdominal and uterine muscle fibers to shrink back to their original state. How long this takes can vary between individuals but generally happens within 3 months after having a baby. In the meantime, while your body is recovering from pregnancy, some women find comfort in using a belly band to provide extra support during the recovery period."

-Ann, Mum and Baby Nurse

by Lola&Lykke Team