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Iron deficiency anaemia

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Iron deficiency anaemia is a common ailment for pregnant women. It happens when your body doesn't have enough iron to produce the number of red blood cells it needs. Iron is super important because it helps these cells carry oxygen around your body.

During pregnancy, your body's demand for iron increases, making it critical to maintain a diet rich in iron and to monitor your iron levels. Iron deficiency anaemia can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, paleness, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and difficulty concentrating. If left untreated, it can cause complications for both mother and baby.

The good news? You can manage this condition with iron-rich foods. Think red meat, poultry, fish, and legumes. And don't forget about those iron-fortified cereals. They can give you a good iron boost. But here's a hot tip - team these foods up with vitamin C-rich foods. It'll help your body absorb the iron even better. However, it's worth noting that for some mums, diet alone isn't enough and iron supplements might be needed.

You should be offered screening for iron deficiency anaemia at your booking appointment and at 28 weeks.

If tests show you have iron deficiency anaemia, you'll probably be offered iron and folic acid.

At Lola&Lykke, we understand the importance of comprehensive healthcare during your pregnancy journey. Our team of health experts is here to help you out with any questions or concerns you might have.

If you're dealing with iron deficiency anaemia or simply want to learn more about managing your health during pregnancy, we’ve got you covered! Check out our comprehensive pregnancy health resources, for a wide array of helpful articles. Specifically, our blog on how to treat anaemia during pregnancy offers practical advice and useful tips to help you navigate this common condition.

Remember, your health matters. And by taking good care of yourself, you're also taking care of your little one. If you think you might have iron deficiency anaemia, don't think twice about seeking help. You've got this!

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