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I had a caesarean section, so I don't need to attend postnatal physiotherapy, do I?

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By Sabrina Nieland, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this statement is simply wrong: postnatal physiotherapy is not only about the pelvic floor. Of course, the pelvic floor was not overstretched and did not suffer any injuries during the birth as it would have during a vaginal birth. Nevertheless, it was already stressed during pregnancy and prepared for a vaginal birth. After a section, there are often problems with the scar and the abdominal muscles irritated by the surgical procedure. The exercises in the postnatal class can be very helpful in re-connect with your abdominal muscles. In addition, postnatal care is not only about the pelvic floor, posture, breathing and movement transitions also change during pregnancy - in class you learn to optimise them again. Last but not least, your lower abdominal organs, especially your uterus, need time and support to reposition and stabilise themselves, regardless of how you gave birth. I can only urge every mum to attend a postnatal class."

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